9Educational Guide

Stefan Axelsson

Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Gjøvik, Norway

This book has grown out of the need for a textbook for our Introduction to Forensics course that has run for the last several years here at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

9.1 Teacher's Guide

The course has run in two different versions, both for bachelor's degree students at the end of their studies and as an introductory master's-level course. These students have taken the course as part of engineering programs in information security (some with a specialization in digital forensics) or informatics/systems administration. The course has also been given in an experienced-based master's degree program (run by NTNU and the Norwegian Police University College in cooperation) with students already working in law enforcement with a few years of experience, typically already with a working background in digital forensics. The latter group has consisted of students from different countries, not only Norway, the most notable group (size-wise) being from Germany. The course has been continuously updated based on yearly course evaluations, and the course has generally been well received by the somewhat diverse groups, especially the foreign police students who praised it for being practical in nature without losing track of the overall, bigger picture.

The course follows a traditional format with lectures presenting the material in ...

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