Appendix AuVision IDE Notes

This appendix provides a brief introduction to the Keil uVision4 IDE for developing a project based on the STM32F4, Editing, Compiling and Downloading code to the Discovery prototype board. The uVision software and the STM32F4 support files can be downloaded from the web by going to:

A.1 Getting Started

Once installed, launch the Keil uVision4 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) by double clicking on its icon bapp01g01.jpg when a new screen will open up. The top section is shown in Figure A.1.


Figure A.1 The uVision screen (part)

To get started you might expect to open a new project but it is strongly recommended that you use the examples provided by ST Microelectronics. It would be best to copy the whole project file from the downloaded example directories into your work area and rename it as appropriate. If you use finder to locate the downloaded directories you should find the directory STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0\Project\Peripheral_Examples\TIM_ComplementarySignals, which contains source files for one of the simplest application examples. Go to the directory MDK-ARM and in there you will see TIM_ComplementarySignals.uvproj, which contains ...

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