Digital @ Scale

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A blueprint for reinventing the core of your business

Value in the next phase of the digital era will go to those companies that don't just try digital but also scale it. Digital@Scale examines what it takes for companies to break through the gravitational pull of their legacy organizations and capture the full value of digital. Digging into more than fifty detailed case studies and years of McKinsey experience and data, the authors, along with a group of expert contributors, show how companies can move beyond incremental change to transform the business where the greatest value is generated—at its core. The authors provide practical insights into the three pillars of digital transformations that successfully scale: reinventing the business model, building out a business architecture from the customer back into the organization, and establishing an 'amoeba' IT and organizational foundation that learns and evolves. This is the ideal guide for all leaders who recognize the power and promise of a digital transformation.

Table of contents

  1. Preamble: Thinking Digital
    1. Why, What, and How? The Key Questions Before Any Digital Transformation
    2. Tolino Is Now Present in More Than 1,800 German Bookstores
  2. 1 Digital Is Changing Our World, Quickly and Irreversibly
    1. 1.1 What Is a Digital Transformation?
    2. 1.2 Established Market Definitions Don’t Apply Anymore
    3. 1.3 The Pace of Change Is Increasing Exponentially
    4. 1.4 Those Who Turn a Blind Eye to Digital Risk Failure and Extinction
  3. 2 Digitization Requires Fundamental Renewal: Digital@Scale
    1. 2.1 Why? Things Are Going Well, So Why Do We Need to Change?
    2. 2.2 What? What Does Digitization Mean for My Company, and What Priorities Are Derived?
    3. 2.3 How? How Do I Manage the Tasks Resulting from a Digital Transformation?
    4. 2.4 Cargo Cults Don’t Work
    5. Notes
  4. 3 Why? The Clock Is Ticking
    1. 3.1 Creating a Sense of Urgency: How Urgent Is Digitization?
    2. 3.2 Determining the Kind of Change Required
    3. 3.3 Identifying Relevant Assets
    4. 3.4 Determining the Aspiration Level for the Transformation
    5. Conclusion: Bring on the New Ecosystems
    6. Notes
  5. 4 What? Doing the Right Things Intelligently
    1. 4.1 Always Online, Gladly Electric, Often on Autopilot: Mobility in the Digital Age
    2. 4.2 Digital Commerce: One Channel Is No Longer Enough—Today’s Mobile Customer Blithely Switches between the Real and Virtual Worlds
    3. 4.3 Who Still Needs Banks? Fintechs Threaten the Established Business Model
    4. 4.4 Digital Health: the First Innovation in Health Care That Can Reduce Costs in the Long Term
    5. 4.5 Connected Buildings
    6. 4.6 The Digital Revolution Has Reached Electricity Utilities
    7. 4.7 Telecom Giants under Pressure: Who Will Be at the Heart of the Emerging Communications Ecosystems?
    8. 4.8 Digital Logistics: The Drone Always Rings Twice
    9. 4.9 E-Government: Public Administration Goes Online
    10. Conclusion: Opportunities in the Emerging Ecosystems
    11. Notes
  6. 5 What? Developing Business Architecture
    1. 5.1 Omnichannel: A Presence across All Channels
    2. 5.2 Dynamic Pricing: Up-to-the-Minute Prices
    3. 5.3 Digital Marketing: Tailored Messages across All Channels
    4. 5.4 Digital Product Development and Open Innovation: Rethinking Product Development
    5. 5.5 Product Design: Learning from Software Development
    6. 5.6 Faster, More Flexible, More Efficient: Supply Chain 4.0
    7. 5.7 Digital Lean: The Digitization of Production
    8. 5.8 Digitization in the Office: Bots Take the Reins
    9. Conclusion: Digitization Is Changing Every Function in the Company
    10. Note
  7. 6 What? Strengthening the Foundation
    1. 6.1 Two-Speed IT: Accelerating the Pace for the Digital Age
    2. 6.2 Big Data and Advanced Analytics
    3. 6.3 Cyber Security: The Art of the Secure Digital Economy
    4. 6.4 Embedded Software: Machines and Equipment Go Digital
    5. 6.5 The Chief Digital Officer: A Steve Jobs for Every Company
    6. 6.6 The Digital Organization: All Power to the Multifunctional Teams
    7. 6.7 Talent Management: Everyone Wants Digital Natives
    8. 6.8 Partner Management: Stronger Together
    9. Notes
  8. 7 How? Decisive, Holistic, and Rapid Implementation
    1. 7.1 Creating a Plan
    2. 7.2 Think Big: Digitizing the Entire Enterprise
    3. 7.3 Surprise! It’s about the Customer
    4. 7.4 Breaking Up Functional Silos
  9. 8 How? Ramping Up the Digital Company
    1. 8.1 Switching to the Digital Operating System
    2. 8.2 Anchoring the Culture Change
    3. 8.3 Steering Change
    4. 8.4 Encouraging Leadership at All Levels
  10. 9 How? Scaling Forcefully
    1. 9.1 It’s about the Whole
    2. 9.2 How to Turn IT into a Weapon
    3. 9.3 Collaborating Closely with Start-Ups
    4. 9.4 Speed as a Guiding Principle
    5. 9.5 Rapid Scaling: Digitizing the Entire Enterprise
    6. Conclusion: The Digital World Demands a New Way of Thinking
    7. Notes
  11. 10 Are We in Good Shape for the Transformation?
  12. About the Authors
  13. Special Thanks
  14. Index
  15. EULA

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  • Title: Digital @ Scale
  • Author(s): Anand Swaminathan, Jürgen Meffert
  • Release date: June 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119433743