Chapter 8. Specialized Sports

Specialized Sports

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What do scuba diving, golf, offshore sailboat racing, surfing, swimming, and horseback riding all have in common? For a photographer, they all require special considerations for taking great shots, whether that means using a simple point-and-shoot camera or a sophisticated SLR In some cases, special gear and equipment may be necessary to shoot these sports; in others, it may simply mean that there are exceptional issues as to how the sport needs to be accessed, viewed, or photographed.

As with extreme and adventure sports, some of these specialized sports could arguably be included in other sections of this book. However, this chapter covers how they're different and, combined with information throughout this text, you'll be ready to go out and take winning shots!

Whatever your passion, there's a way to shoot it Photographers are innovators and inventors at heart; they love to find new and creative ways to capture the world in a way it's never been seen before.

Specialized sports shooting often involves dealing with how to safely and effectively get in and out of a situation that has issues preventing normal photography It may involve animals, water, special vehicles and equipment, or simply the need to be more than commonly aware of how the sport is played As with extreme and adventure sports, how you protect and carry your gear, as well as ...

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