Chapter 11. Output: Getting Sports Photos Online, In Print, and On Display

Output: Getting Sports Photos Online, In Print, and On Display

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As a child, I enjoyed spending time in the summer with my uncle Bernie, who had been a pro photographer and filmmaker working for the U.S. Navy and for the Eastman Kodak Company. I'd visit him in North Carolina, and he would take me to downtown Asheville to presentations known as travelogues. I was a well-traveled youngster, and I remember fondly seeing films and slide shows from around the world, such as my uncle's documentary of India. You may have slightly worse memories of photo slide shows by zealous, but very amateur, photographer relatives, intent upon sharing their photo journeys of woods, gardens, or tourist traps with a captive but resentful young audience.

Well, I have good news. As a photographer, now is the best time to have the world see your, whether in print, online, or on display. Printing fantastic-looking, long-lasting images is relatively easy and inexpensive, getting photos on the Web has become very simple, and creating a multimedia slide show with music and cool motion and transition effects is something almost anyone can do, and it's guaranteed to keep even the most fidgety nine-year-old captivated, at least for a little while!

With so many options for preparing your images, deciding what best to do with them, and determining how best to provide them to friends, family, ...

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