Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures.


Asymmetric amplifier, with asymmetric VDS 65–70
Asymmetric amplifier, with uneven power drive 
carrier amplifier 38
efficiency analysis 34–35
load impedances 35
optimum condition 36–38
RF power and DC power 35–36
Average power tracking (APT) 93–94
base station amplifier 93–94
drain bias voltage and output power derivation 95–96
fixed gate and drain control 94–95
gate bias voltage derivation 96
handset power amplifier 93–94
adaptive base bias circuit 165–167


Back-off output power (BO) 68–69
Bias adaptation  See Gate-bias adaptation technique


Carrier amplifier (CA) 
AM-AM, AM-PM, and IMD3 distortions 107–108
coupled power 110
current ratio of peaking vs. 32–34
definition 2
efficiency ...

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