Access paths, 447–465

ask Tom, 448

cluster scans, 465

full scans, 447–454

index scans, 456–464

ROWID access, 454–456

Accidents, having, 611–625

being able to unchange things, 622

building test cases, 622–624

changing one thing at a time, 617–618

detective work, 616–617

finding out what’s different, 612–617

having goals, 618–619

reasons for changing that one thing, 618–622

validating hypothesis, 619–622

Administration, effective, 201–240

bulletproofing one’s recovery, 212–216

case for ASSM, 232–234

letting Oracle manage datafiles, 208–212

LMTs (locally managed tablespaces), 216–226

Oracle managing rollback segments, 235–239

Oracle managing segment space, 226–232

PCTFREE and PCTUSED controlling freelists, 231–232

using SPFILEs to start ...

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