Chapter 2. Building the Case for Better UX

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Since you’re reading this book, odds are that you already have an intuitive sense of some of the ways improved attention to UX can drive value for your company, your product, your company’s employees, or your customers. After all, we are each consumers of technology, though we may also be producers of it. Savvy consumers of technology are witnessing with great pain the growing distance in quality between what’s available to them as consumers and what exists in their workplace, or what is being offered to their own clients and customers.

EffectiveUI frequently encounters people who have a gut sense that software can be, and ought to be, much better than what we’re sadly accustomed to. These people may be software designers and engineers who know that their professional lives and the lives of their users—their true judges and audience—could be better. They may be marketers in companies where marketing is the only department truly tuned into the customers’ needs, and is therefore the closest thing the company has to user advocates. Or they may be product managers or leaders of business units who know deep down in their souls that their company could be doing better by its customers and employees if only they could figure out how and convince their bosses to feel the same.

We call these people "champions of change” and are excited to find any opportunity ...

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