Chapter 1

Introducing Arduino


Bullet Looking at the various models of Arduino microcontrollers

Bullet Exploring the UNO, Arduino’s most popular microcontroller

Bullet Learning how to program Arduino

Bullet Creating a simple Arduino project

Arduino (pronounced ar-dwee-no) is one of the most popular microprocessor systems in use today. Arduino originally started in Ivrea, Italy, in 2005 and has become a global phenomenon. Arduino boards can be purchased online for less than $10.

Arduino is formally known as the Arduino Project, reflecting the fact that Arduino is an open-source project developed by an online community. As a result, several different companies manufacture Arduino-compatible microprocessor boards. You can purchase Arduino boards directly from the Arduino website ( or from other online retailers such as Amazon or Newegg.

Introducing the Arduino UNO

As of this writing, there are about three dozen different variations of Arduino boards, each providing different capabilities. For example, several Arduino boards come with built-in wired or wireless network abilities. ...

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