Chapter 5

Curling Up with Coils and Crystals

In This Chapter

arrow Inducing currents in coils with a changing magnetic field

arrow Opposing changes in current with an inductor

arrow Using inductors in filter circuits

arrow Resonating with RLC circuits

arrow Making frequencies crystal-clear

arrow Coupling magnetic flux to transfer energy between circuits

Many of the best inventions in the world, including penicillin, sticky notes, champagne, and the pacemaker, were the result of pure accidental discovery (in some cases, attributable to utter carelessness or second-rate science). One such serendipitous discovery — the interaction between electricity and magnetism — led to the development of two amazingly useful electronic components: the induction coil and the transformer.

The induction coil, or inductor, stores electrical energy in a magnetic field and shapes electrical signals in a different way than does a capacitor. ...

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