Chapter 16

Mastering Your Multimeter to Measure Circuits


Bullet Introducing your new best friend: your multimeter

Bullet Using a multimeter to measure all kinds of things

Bullet Setting up and calibrating your multimeter

Bullet Making sure electronic components are working properly

Bullet Probing around your circuits

Bullet Identifying the cause of circuit problems

Your excitement builds as you put the finishing touches on your circuit. With close friends standing beside you, eager to witness the first of your ingenious electronics exploits, you hold your breath as you flip the power switch, and …

Nothing. At least, nothing at first. Then, disappointment, disillusionment, and disbelief as your friends — and your confidence — slowly retreat from the scene.

You ask yourself, “What could possibly be wrong?” Then you notice it: Smoke is emanating from what used to be a resistor. And then you realize that you used ...

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