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1.  Introduction

1.1   Embedded Processor: Micro Signal Architecture

1.2   Real-Time Embedded Signal Processing

1.3   Introduction to the Integrated Development Environment VisualDSP++

1.3.1   Setting Up VisualDSP++

1.3.2   Using a Simple Program to Illustrate the Basic Tools

1.3.3   Advanced Setup: Using the Blackfin BF533 or BF537 EZ-KIT

1.4   More Hands-On Experiments

1.5   System-Level Design Using a Graphical Development Environment

1.5.1   Setting up LabVIEW and LabVIEW Embedded Module for Blackfin Processors

1.6   More Exercise Problems

Part A   Digital Signal Processing Concepts

2.  Time-Domain Signals and Systems

2.1   Introduction

2.2   Time-Domain Digital Signals

2.2.1   Sinusoidal Signals

2.2.2   Random Signals

2.3   Introduction to Digital Systems

2.3.1   Moving-Average Filters: Structures and Equations

2.3.2   Digital Filters

2.3.3   Realization of FIR Filters

2.4   Nonlinear Filters

2.5   More Hands-On Experiments

2.6   Implementation of Moving-Average Filters with Blackfin Simulator

2.7   Implementation of Moving-Average Filters with BF533/BF537 EZ-KIT

2.8   Moving-Average Filter in LabVIEW Embedded Module for Blackfin Processors

2.9   More Exercise Problems

3.  Frequency-Domain Analysis and Processing

3.1   Introduction

3.2   The z-Transform

3.2.1   Definitions

3.2.2   System Concepts

3.2.3   Digital Filters

3.3   Frequency Analysis

3.3.1   Frequency Response

3.3.2   Discrete Fourier Transform

3.3.3   Fast Fourier ...

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