Chapter 5


Image quantizer based on contrast band-pass filtering

Jaime Moreno1,2; Oswaldo Morales1; Ricardo Tejeida1    1 Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, IPN Avenue, Lindavista, Mexico City, Mexico2 Signal, Image and Communications Department, University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France


This work describes pSQ an image quantizer, which employs contrast band-pass filtering and it is based on Moreno et al. (2014) [1]. In addition, the aim of this work is to explain how to apply perceptual criteria in order to define a perceptual forward and inverse quantizer. We present its application to the Hi-SET coder (Moreno and Otazu, 2011) [2]. Our approach consists of quantizing ...

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