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Employee to Entrepreneur

Book Description

Make the leap and become an entrepreneur today

Are you living for the weekend? Are you dissatisfied at work? Are you itching to do something that is important to you? How can you avoid the pitfalls that many first-time entrepreneurs have fallen into? How do you explore whether entrepreneurship is right for you without giving up your day job? Employee to Entrepreneur is your guide to leaving your job behind and building something for yourself.

Author and employee-turned-entrepreneur Steve Glaveski, shows you how to navigate the challenges, find the entrepreneurial success that is right for you and become a better person along the way. Employee to Entrepreneur combines storytelling with a step-by-step framework to teach you how to effectively explore and leverage entrepreneurship to gain freedom, fulfillment and financial security. 

  • understand what you want to do by first understanding yourself
  • explore if entrepreneurship is right for you without giving up your day job
  • avoid the common pitfalls faced by first-time entrepreneurs
  • fund, test and prioritise your ideas in a fast and cost-effective way
  • develop the mindset to succeed in your business.

If you’re ready to leave your cushy employee life behind and build a business and a life you believe in, reading this essential guidebook is your first step to making it happen. 

Table of Contents

  1. About the author
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Preface
  4. Chapter 1 The future is here
    1. Exponential change
    2. What this means
    3. From employee to entrepreneur
  5. Chapter 2 Collecting the dots
    1. Collect the dots before you connect the dots
    2. Connecting the dots with first principles thinking
    3. Where to collect dots?
    4. Be intentional
  6. Chapter 3 Finding your why
    1. Are you miserably comfortable?
    2. Your why
  7. Chapter 4 Embracing your what
    1. Find your character, build a startup
    2. Align your why and what
    3. How to make better decisions
    4. Lower barriers to entry = your opportunity
    5. Beware old maps of the world
    6. Self-defeatist salary expectations and blunted risk appetite
    7. Is entrepreneurship the answer?
  8. Chapter 5 An entrepreneurial mindset
    1. The trough of despair
    2. An operating system for success
    3. Meditation
  9. Chapter 6 Taking action
    1. Inspiration without action is entertainment
    2. What about securing my financial future?
    3. On procrastination
  10. Chapter 7 Knowing your how
    1. Place lots of small bets
    2. Lifestyle business versus unicorn
    3. Funding
    4. Do I need a team?
    5. Getting the wrong people off the bus
    6. Models
    7. How to build brand you
  11. Chapter 8 Testing your ideas
    1. You’ve got to be 10×better
    2. Introducing design thinking
    3. From idea to execution
  12. Chapter 9 Strengths and weaknesses
    1. Lessons learned
    2. Character and workplace attributes
  13. Chapter 10 10× your output
    1. My smartphone addiction and how I overcame it
    2. Virtual assistants 101
    3. 80/20 baby!
    4. Agile time management
    5. I, Robot
    6. 10× your sales pipeline
    7. Use your calendar
    8. Turn bad habits into good habits
    9. Parkinson’s Law
    10. Extreme ownership and accountability
    11. Radical transparency
  14. Chapter 11 Power up!
    1. Rock that body
    2. Mind over matter
    3. Relationships
    4. Quality, not quantity
  15. Final thoughts
  16. Index
  17. EULA