Chapter 18

Monitoring and Maintaining Long-Term Impact on Employer Brand Value


Tuning in to the word on the street about your employer brand

Finding out what employees really think of your organization

Gauging the overall health and vitality of your employer brand

Adapting to changing conditions in the talent market

As you strive to strengthen your employer brand, you need to monitor your progress to determine whether what you’re doing is adding value to your brand over time. You must find out whether brand awareness is growing and whether perceptions of you as an employer are becoming more or less positive among both candidates and employees. Only through such knowledge can you gain the insight required to correct course, if necessary, or continue investing in your current strategy.

The metrics highlighted in Chapter 17 are largely focused on the immediate impact of your recruitment marketing activity on talent acquisition. Assessing the full, longer-term value of your employer branding activities requires a wider focus, including measures of your external brand reputation, internal brand perceptions, and employee engagement. If you’ve conducted an employer brand health check (as recommended in Chapter 3), you’ve already established benchmarks against which you can measure progress. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a reminder of the key metrics you need to track and some additional analyses you should perform to gauge the longer-term effectiveness ...

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