Chapter Ten. Shafts

Chapter Objectives

  • Learn how to use the Design panel to draw shafts

  • Learn how to add retaining ring grooves to shafts

  • Learn how to add keyways to shafts

  • Learn how to add O-ring grooves to a shaft

  • Learn how to add pin holes to a shaft

  • Learn how to use the Content Center to add retaining rings, keys, O-rings, and pins to shafts


The tools on the Design panel can be used to draw many different styles of shafts. Figure 10-1 shows a uniform shaft with chamfered ends that was created using the Shaft tool located on the Power Transmission panel under the Design tab. Shafts may also be created by extruding a circle, but the Shaft tool allows features such as keyways and retaining ring grooves to be added to the shaft. ...

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