Chapter 2. J2ME: Is Mobile Java Ready for Enterprise?


  • The Java Advantages

  • The Java Community Process

  • The Java 2 Micro Edition

  • J2ME Configurations

  • J2ME Profiles

  • J2ME Optional Packages

  • .NET Compact Framework and BREW

The Java technology is emerging as one of the most important enablers for mobile enterprise solutions. An October 2002 research survey, published by the Zelos Group, estimated that more than 44 million Java-enabled handsets were sold worldwide in year 2002: That is 11 percent of all handset shipments in that year. The survey projects that in 2007, Java handset shipments will reach more than 450 million, constituting 74 percent of all handset shipments. Java mobile devices will soon surpass Wintel PCs and become the dominant ...

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