Environmental Issues in India

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Environmental Issues in India: A Reader brings together 33 essays by seminal environment scholars, thinkers and activists from within India and abroad. The volume is divided into five thematic sections: the first three explore the pre-colonial and the colonial contexts, and move on to independent India. The last two sections examine environmental movements and how India relates to global environmental concerns. This book will provoke, educate, stimulate and inform the lay reader and specialist alike. Students will especially enjoy the diverse sample of lucid essays by some of the best-known names in the field. Anyone keen to know more about the why and how of India’s environment will find this volume an invaluable resource.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents Page
  4. The Editor and Contributors
  5. List of Tables
  6. Preface and Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
  8. Section I: Pre-colonial India
    1. Introduction
    2. 1: Climate, a Factor in the Rise and Fall of the Indus Civilization: Evidence from Rajasthan and beyond
    3. 2: Iron Tools, Forest Clearance and Urbanization in the Gangetic Plains
    4. 3: Forests and Settlements
    5. 4: The Forest and the Field in Ancient India
    6. 5: The Great Mughals Go Hunting Lions
    7. 6: Ecology and Traditional Systems of Water Management: Revisiting Medieval Rajasthan
    8. 7: A Historical Study of the Control of Grass and Fodder Resources in Eighteenth-Century Maharashtra
  9. Section II: Colonial India
    1. Introduction
    2. 8: Mahatma Gandhi and the Environmental Movement
    3. 9: The Uses of Eccentricity: The Making of Salim Ali
    4. 10: Jim Corbett: A Life Story
  10. Section III: Independent India's Environment
    1. Introduction
    2. 11: Agriculture on Spaceship Earth
    3. 12: The Green Revolution
    4. 13: Rehabilitating Degraded Lands
    5. 14: Common Property Resources and the Rural Poor
    6. 15: Water Pollution Control: Role of Community and Public Action
    7. 16: Diara Diary
    8. 17: South Asian Pastoralism: The Environmental Question
    9. 18: The New Land Use Policy: People and Forests in Mizoram
    10. 19: The Gender and Environment Debate: Lessons from India
    11. 20: A Great Legacy Dissipated
    12. 21: Sacred Groves for the Twenty-First Century
  11. Section IV: Movements and Alternatives
    1. Introduction
    2. 22: Ecological Conflicts and the Environmental Movement in India
    3. 23: Monumental Folly
    4. 24: The Tragedy of Displacement
    5. 25: Community, Place and Citizenship
    6. 26: Lessons from the Deluge: Priorities for Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation
    7. 27: The Tiger and the Honeybee
    8. 28: Empowerment and Disempowerment of Forest Women in Uttarakhand, India
    9. 29: The Dreams of a Water Warrior
  12. Section V: Global Issues
    1. Introduction
    2. 30: Environmentalism and Political Economy
    3. 31: Are We Prepared for Another Bhopal?
    4. 32: Is the Friendly Atom Poised for a Comeback?
    5. 33: Global Warming and India
  13. Notes and References
  14. Further Readings
  15. Copyright Page

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  • Title: Environmental Issues in India
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): Pearson India
  • ISBN: 9788131785287