A work of this nature is not possible without others’ support.

The authors would like to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of many of our colleagues at Ericsson, in particular Per Beming, Paco Cortes, Erik Dahlman, Jesús De Gregorio, Göran Hall, David Hammarwall, Maurizio Iovieno, Ralf Keller, Torsten Lohmar, Reiner Ludwig, Anders Lundström, Lars Lövsen, Peter Malm, György Miklós, Daniel Molander, Karl Norrman, Mats Näslund, Zu Qiang, Anki Sander, Louis Segura, Iana Siomina, Mike Slssingar, John Stenfelt, Patrik Teppo, and Stephen Terrill.

We would also like to thank our families. Writing this book would not have been possible without their generosity and support throughout the process.

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