Appendix A. Resources

The authors maintain a website for Ethernet information that includes a wide range of Ethernet resources. The website includes technical papers on Ethernet and pointers to other web pages with Ethernet information.

The following resources are provided for further information. Resources are listed here as examples only, and no endorsement is implied of any particular company or software package.

Cable and Connector Suppliers

There are many cable and connector suppliers. This list provides a sample of a few major companies whose websites can provide a considerable amount of information about structured cabling and connectors:

A cabling and connector distributor
Belden Cable
A supplier of coaxial cable, twisted-pair cables, and many other kinds of cables
A supplier of fiber optic cabling and components
Hubbell Premise Wiring
A supplier of structured cabling components
Molex Premise Networks
A supplier of structured cabling components
A supplier of structured cabling components, including an MPO cable connector, and cable labels
A supplier of structured cabling components
TE Connectivity
A supplier of cabling and connectors

Cable Testers

Handheld cable testers are used for testing twisted-pair and fiber optic cabling systems. The following listing of vendors of handheld cable testers is provided for information only, and no endorsement of any tester is implied by inclusion in this list:

Cabling Information ...

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