S-6 Index
MS Word, I-89–I-90
advantages of, I-89–I-90
formatting features in, I-92–I-94
MS-DOS, I-50
multi-dimensional array, II-138–II-139
multi-processor OS, I-48
multi-programming OS, I-47, I-48
multi-tasking OS, I-47
multi-user OS, I-47
Napier bones, I-5
nested for loop, II-106
nested if-else statement, II-81–II-82
flowchart for, II-82
syntax of, II-81–II-82
use of, II-82–II-83
nested structure, II-272
network interface card (NIC), I-111
network topology, I-105–1-109
types of, I-105–1-109
NIC. See network interface card (NIC)
non-impact printer, I-33
non-positional number system, I-37
NOT operation, II-43
NULL character, II-160
number system, I-37–I-42
binary number system, I-38
hexadecimal number system, I-38
office package, I-88
offline, I-116
one-dimensional array, II-131
initialization of, II-131
read from keyboard and displayed
on screen, II-132
syntax of, II-131
online, I-116
operating system (OS), I-47–I-48
operator, II-40
arithmetic operator, II-41
assignment operator, II-41, II-43
bitwise operator, II-41
comma operators, II-41
compound assignment operators, II-45
conditional operators, II-41
division operator, II-44
dot operator, II-270–II-271
indirection operator, II-188
logical operator, II-41
modulus division operator, II-44
precedence and associativity of, II-45
relational operators, II-43
shift left (<<) operators, II-49–II-50
shift right (>>) operators, II-49–II-50
unary operator, II-41, II-42
optical character recognition (OCR),
optical disk, I-27
optical storage, I-28
OR operation, II-43
output device, I-29–I-30
output unit, I-14
overflow memory, I-19
parallel port, I-24
Pascaline, I-5
pathname, I-50
%f and %g control strings, II-18
plasma display, I-35
pointer variables, II-195
pointers, II-187–II-197
advantages in C programming, II-187
constant pointer, II-191–II-192
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