Facebook For Dummies, 7th Edition

Book description

Take control of your Facebook profile

When you join Facebook, you're joining a community with over two billion people spread around the globe. It helps to have the insight on not only how to set up your profile and add content, but also how to make sure you control who sees—and doesn't see—your posts. Facebook For Dummies provides the trusted guidance you need to set up a profile, add content, and apply the many tools Facebook provides to give you control of your content.

Primarily known as a way for individuals to share information, photos and videos, and calendar invitations, Facebook has gained prominence as a means to spread news, market products, and serve as a business platform. Whatever you’re looking to use it for, this book shows you how to use all the features available to make it a more satisfying experience.

  • Build your profile and start adding friends
  • Use Facebook to send private messages and instant notes
  • Discover ways to set privacy and avoid online nuisances
  • Launch a promotion page

Get ready to have a whole lot of fun on the largest social network in the world.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About Facebook For Dummies
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
  3. Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook
    1. Chapter 1: The Many Faces of Facebook
      1. So … What Is Facebook, Exactly?
      2. Discovering What You Can Do on Facebook
      3. Keeping in Mind What You Can’t Do on Facebook
      4. Realizing How Facebook Is Different from Other Social Sites
      5. How You Can Use Facebook
    2. Chapter 2: Adding Your Own Face to Facebook
      1. Signing Up for Facebook
      2. Getting Started
      3. What to Expect in Your Inbox
      4. Your New Home Page
      5. Adding More Friends
      6. Filling out Your Profile Information
    3. Chapter 3: Finding Your Way Around Facebook
      1. Checking Out the Blue Bar on Top
      2. Search
      3. The Left-side Menu
      4. Viewing News Feed
      5. Right On
      6. The Littlest Links
  4. Part 2: Day-to-Day Facebook
    1. Chapter 4: The Daily Facebook: News Feed and Posting
      1. Your Daily News … Feed
      2. Trending
      3. Interacting with News Feed
      4. Adjusting News Feed
      5. Sharing Your Own News
    2. Chapter 5: Timeline: The Story of You
      1. Scrolling Through Time
      2. First Impressions
      3. Telling Your Story
      4. All About Me
      5. Your Friends and Your Timeline
    3. Chapter 6: Privacy and Safety on Facebook
      1. Know Your Audience
      2. Privacy on the Go
      3. Privacy Shortcuts
      4. Privacy Settings
      5. Timeline Privacy
      6. Privacy Tools
      7. Remembering That It Takes a Village to Raise a Facebook
      8. Peeking Behind the Scenes
      9. One Final Call to Use Your Common Sense
    4. Chapter 7: Facebook on the Go
      1. The Facebook App
      2. Facebook Messenger
      3. The Facebook Family of Mobile Apps
      4. Facebook on Your Mobile Browser
      5. Facebook Texts
  5. Part 3: Connecting with Friends on Facebook
    1. Chapter 8: Finding Facebook Friends
      1. What Is a Facebook Friend?
      2. Adding Friends
      3. Finding Your Friends on Facebook
      4. Managing How You Interact with Friends
    2. Chapter 9: Just between You and Me: Facebook Messages
      1. Sending a Message
      2. Message Options
      3. The Chat Menu
      4. Messenger Inbox
      5. Messaging on the Go
    3. Chapter 10: Sharing with Facebook Groups
      1. Evaluating a Group
      2. Sharing with a Group
      3. Creating Your Own Groups
      4. Group Dynamics
      5. Being a group administrator
  6. Part 4: What to Do on Facebook
    1. Chapter 11: Filling Facebook with Photos and Videos
      1. Viewing Photos from Friends
      2. Adding Photos to Facebook
      3. Editing and Tagging Photos
      4. Working with Video
      5. Discovering Privacy
    2. Chapter 12: Buying, Selling, and Fundraising
      1. Getting the Most Out of Marketplace
      2. Belonging to Buy/Sell Groups
      3. Fundraising for Causes
    3. Chapter 13: Scheduling Your Life with Events
      1. You’re Invited!
      2. Public Events
      3. Viewing Events
      4. Creating Your Own Events
      5. Managing Your Event
    4. Chapter 14: Creating a Page for Promotion
      1. Getting to Know Pages
      2. Creating a Facebook Page
      3. Sharing as a Page
      4. Using Facebook as Your Page
      5. Managing a Page
      6. Insights: Finding Out Who Is Using Your Page
    5. Chapter 15: Using Facebook with Games, Websites, and Apps
      1. What Apps Need
      2. Games on Facebook
      3. Using Facebook Outside of Facebook
      4. Mobile Apps and Facebook
      5. Managing Your Games, Websites, and Apps
  7. Part 5: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Content
      1. Remember the Past
      2. Scrapbook Your Baby Photos
      3. Say Thanks
      4. Give Your Photos Some Flair
      5. Review the Last Year (or Years)
      6. Make your status stand out
      7. Add Tags
      8. Go Live
      9. Use Stickers or GIFs in Your Messages
      10. Friend-a-versaries
    2. Chapter 17: Ten Ways Facebook Uniquely Impacts Lives
      1. Keeping in Touch with Far-Away Friends
      2. Preparing to Head Off to School
      3. Going on Not-So-Blind Dates
      4. Meeting People in Your New City or Town
      5. Reconnecting with Old Friends
      6. Keeping Up with the ’Rents … or the Kids
      7. Facebook Networking
      8. Facebook for Good
      9. Going to the Chapel
      10. Hey, Facebook Me!
    3. Chapter 18: Ten Frequently Asked Questions
      1. Do People Know When I Look at Their Timelines?
      2. I Friended Too Many People and Now I Don’t Like Sharing Stuff — What Can I Do?
      3. What’s with the New Facebook — Can I Change It Back?
      4. I Have a Problem with My Account — Can You Help Me?
      5. What Do I Do with Friend Requests I Don’t Want to Accept?
      6. Why Can’t I Find My Friend?
      7. Will Facebook Start Charging Me to Use the Site?
      8. How Do I Convince My Friends to Join Facebook?
      9. What If I Don’t Want Everyone Knowing My Business?
      10. Does Facebook Have a Feature That Lets Me Lock Myself Out for a Few Hours?
    4. Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Parents of Teens on Facebook
      1. Talk to Teens about General Internet Safety
      2. Beware of Strangers
      3. Teach Teens How to Report Abuse
      4. Teach Teens How to Block People
      5. Learn to Use Privacy Settings
      6. Talk about Posts and Consequences
      7. Remember the Golden Rule
      8. Respect Teens’ Boundaries
      9. Don’t Send Friend Requests to Teens’ Friends
      10. Make Space for Your Own Social Life, and Your Family Life, on Facebook
  8. About the Authors
  9. Advertisement Page
  10. Connect with Dummies
  11. Index
  12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Facebook For Dummies, 7th Edition
  • Author(s): Carolyn Abram, Amy Karasavas
  • Release date: March 2018
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119453864