Chapter 9

Engaging Your Facebook Fans

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what engagement means for your business

arrow Measuring engagement on Facebook

arrow Getting notifications

arrow Using your Page activity log

arrow Devising strategies for engaging with Facebook users

After you create a Facebook Page (see Chapter 4 for details on creating a Page), you can start posting content that Facebook users will like, comment on, and share (see Chapter 7 for more on effective content strategies). The next step in this progression is engaging with Facebook users who comment on your updates, post content on your Page timeline, or interact with your business in some other way on Facebook.

Engagement is partially a “quantity game,” meaning that the amount of time and effort you spend has a huge correlation with the results you receive. In this way, using Facebook isn’t too different from in-person networking. When you attend a networking event, for example, the more people you meet directly increases your potential for ...

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