Chapter 7. Focused Current Reality Tree

A current reality tree (CRT) is a focusing tool based on logical thinking (Dettmer, ; Goldratt, ). This tool is used to identify core problems in an organization. The underlying assumption is that each organization has a few core problems, with most other problems being symptoms of those core problems. If we solve the core problems, then many of the other problems will be solved as well.

The objectives of this tool:

  • Identify the core problems of the organization, the system, or the subsystem.

  • Deepen the understanding that every system has a small number of core problems, which are the cause of most problems.

  • Establish communication channels among managers in an organization.

When a patient goes to his doctor for a check‐up and complains about various symptoms (headaches, perspiration, high fever), a good doctor tries to find the patient's core problems and treat them.

Figure 7-1: A template for a focused Current Reality Tree

Figure 7.1.  Figure 7-1: A template for a focused Current Reality Tree

An fCRT displays a logical tree showing cause‐effect relations among problems of an organization (see Figure 7-1 ).

Principles of a Focused Current Reality Tree

An fCRT can be constructed by a single manager or by a team. Because the tool is subjective, and because organizational problems ...

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