Chapter 14. The Effects of Fluctuations, Variability, and Uncertainty on the System


Uncertainty related to faults and disruptions is referred to as fluctuations. This word serves as a general term for all of the seemingly unexpected situations—problems, malfunctions, interruptions, and disturbances.

Sources of Fluctuations

Fluctuations can be classified by their source:

Demand fluctuations

  • Variability in demand

  • Seasonality

  • Technological changes and changes in preferences

For example, fluctuations in the development department of a high‐tech company might involve:

  • Technological uncertainty (knowledge gap)

  • Changes in customers' requirements

  • Unavailability of critical purchased items

  • Delays of subcontractors

  • Uncertainty of market demand

Evolution of Fluctuations in a Process

Consider the planning of a new line of services, products, or development as depicted in Figure 14-1 . Every task that enters the system (a patient receiving treatment, a request to develop a smart piece of software, or assembly in production) ...

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