Chapter 6. Other Design Flows

In an Instant

  • C/C++ –based Design Flows
    • C versus C++ and Concurrent versus Sequential
    • SystemC-based Flows
    • Augmented C/C++-based Flows
    • Pure C/C++-based Flows
    • Different Levels of Synthesis Abstraction
    • Mixed-language Design and Verification Environments
  • DSP-based Design Flows
    • Alternative DSP Implementations
  • FPGA-centric Design Flows for DSPs
    • Mixed DSP and VHDL/Verilog etc. Environments
  • Embedded Processor-based Design Flows
    • Hard versus Soft Cores
    • Partitioning a Design into Its Hardware and Software Components
    • Using an FPGA as Its Own Development Environment
    • Improving Visibility in the Design
    • A Few Coverification Alternatives
  • Instant Summary


Again we'll start with some basic terms and their ...

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