Chapter 13

Dealing with Files


Check Considering local file storage methods

Check Dealing with file access issues

Check Performing typical file access tasks

Check Using file management techniques CRUD style

Chapter 11 gives you a very brief look at localized file management in the “Working with devices” section of the chapter. Now it’s time to look at local files in more detail because you often use local files as part of applications — everything from storing application settings to analyzing a moderately large dataset. In fact, as you may already know, local files were the first kind of data storage that computers used; networks and the cloud came much later. Even on the smallest tablet today, you can still find local files stored in a hard-drive–like environment (although hard drives have come a very long way from those disk packs of old).

After you get past some of the general mechanics of how files are stored, you actually need to start working with them. Developers face a number of issues when working with files. For example, one of the more common problems is that a user can’t access ...

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