Chapter 3

Providing Global Logistics Services


check Understanding what logistics services are and who provides them

check Building the framework for providing logistics services in a foreign environment

check Making adjustments for cultural differences

check Accommodating the additional requirements of government contracts

In Chapter 2 we preview both Part 2 (setting up your new manufacturing operations in a foreign location) and Part 3 (understanding the modifications that may be needed for an effective and efficient foreign distribution chain).

In this chapter we provide an overview of providing global logistics services (the focus of Part 4). We start by addressing the many tasks that can comprise logistics services for a foreign customer, as well as defining the types of organizations that provide those services. Our focus is on the workforce — the options you have when it comes to providing logistics services, either for your own operations or for a foreign client — and all the rules and regulations that you must consider. Additionally, we address how to protect your investment by obtaining ...

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