How to do it…

The following steps cover the solution:

  1. Open the console and create the folder chapter01/recipe08.
  2. Navigate to the directory.
  3. Create the run.go file with the following content:
        package main        import (          "bytes"          "fmt"          "os/exec"        )        func main() {          prc := exec.Command("ls", "-a")          out := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte{})          prc.Stdout = out          err := prc.Run()          if err != nil {            fmt.Println(err)          }          if prc.ProcessState.Success() {            fmt.Println("Process run successfully with output:\n")            fmt.Println(out.String())          }        }
  1. Run the code by executing go run run.go.
  1. See the output in the Terminal:
  1. Create the start.go file with the following content:
 package ...

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