Chapter 14. AdWords beyond CPC

When Google started out, the commercial focus of the company was CPC advertising—text ads that cost money to advertisers when they were clicked. (Of course, before that Google was a search company!) As time has gone by, Google’s commercial offerings have expanded way beyond CPC and out of the virtual world into the real world. For the most part, these advertising options are available from your AdWords account. Even after recent contractions, these offerings are substantial and should command your attention.

This chapter explains how to use Google’s tools to create display ads, which are site placement ads on the Google content network. (Uploading your premade display ads was covered in Chapter 10.) Site placement ads are themselves an expansion of Google’s original advertising model and were explained in Chapter 10.

Moving outward from the virtual world, this chapter explains how you can use AdWords to create and place interactive visual, mobile, and video ads.

Display Ad Builder

In Chapter 10, I explained how you can upload a graphic to create an image ad that can be served on the Google content network. Uploaded graphics can be in .gif, .jpg, or .png file formats. The graphic for this kind of ad needs to fit into a predetermined format; the nomenclature and sizes for these formats are reviewed in Table 14-1.


You’ll find these sizes referred to in Google’s documentation about image ads as “IAB-approved” sizes, where IAB is the ...

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