Chapter 16

Managing the Management and Assets

In This Chapter

arrow Presenting your project staff

arrow Highlighting your organization’s grant management capability

arrow Writing about your organization’s assets

arrow Incorporating federal legislation requirements into your hiring process

After you tell the funding organization why you need its money (see Chapter 14) and what you plan to do with it (see Chapter 15), you need to explain who’s going to manage the grant-funded program. In this chapter, I show you how to write about existing and incoming staff in a way that convinces funders that you have the right personnel to manage their awarded monies. I also show you how to put together winning project-management profiles, organizational resources, and a federally guided approach to selecting project personnel.

remember.eps You gain credibility when you outline the key personnel, organizational resources, and your equity process in hiring. Some funders call this section of the narrative key personnel, adequacy of resources, ...

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