How to do it...

  1. Create a new project ini-parser using the simple Stack template:
        stack new ini-parser simple
  1. Open the file src/Main.hs for editing.
  2. After the initial module header, add the following imports:
        import Data.Functor        import Control.Applicative        import Control.Monad        import Data.Map hiding (empty)        import Data.Char
  1. Define the INI file data structure. Represent name-value pairs in each section (variables) as a map of name to values. Both name and values are represented by strings. The sections inside an INI file are a map between the section name and variables for each section:
        type Variables = Map String String        type Sections = Map String Variables        newtype INI = INI Sections
  1. Start defining the parser. A parser is defined as ...

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