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Head First C#, 3rd Edition by Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene

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Advance Praise for Head First C#

Head First C# is a great book, both for brand new developers and developers like myself coming from a Java background. No assumptions are made as to the reader’s proficiency yet the material builds up quickly enough for those who are not complete newbies—a hard balance to strike. This book got me up to speed in no time for my first large scale C# development project at work—I highly recommend it.”

Shalewa Odusanya, Technical Account Manager, Google

Head First C# is an excellent, simple, and fun way of learning C#. It’s the best piece for C# beginners I’ve ever seen—the samples are clear, the topics are concise and well written. The mini-games that guide you through the different programming challenges will definitely stick the knowledge to your brain. A great learn-by-doing book!”

Johnny Halife, Chief Architect, Mural.ly

Head First C# is a comprehensive guide to learning C# that reads like a conversation with a friend. The many coding challenges keep it fun, even when the concepts are tough.”

Rebeca Duhn-Krahn, founding partner at Semphore Solutions

“I’ve never read a computer book cover to cover, but this one held my interest from the first page to the last. If you want to learn C# in depth and have fun doing it, this is THE book for you.”

Andy Parker, fledgling C# programmer

“It’s hard to really learn a programming language without good engaging examples, and this book is full of them! Head First C# will guide beginners of all sorts to a long and productive relationship with C# and the .NET Framework.”

Chris Burrows, developer for Microsoft’s C# Compiler team

“With Head First C#, Andrew and Jenny have presented an excellent tutorial on learning C#. It is very approachable while covering a great amount of detail in a unique style. If you’ve been turned off by more conventional books on C#, you’ll love this one.”

Jay Hilyard, software developer, co-author of C# 3.0 Cookbook

“I’d reccomend this book to anyone looking for a great introduction into the world of programming and C#. From the first page onwards, the authors walks the reader through some of the more challenging concepts of C# in a simple, easy-to-follow way. At the end of some of the larger projects/labs, the reader can look back at their programs and stand in awe of what they’ve accomplished.”

David Sterling, developer for Microsoft’s Visual C# Compiler team

Head First C# is a highly enjoyable tutorial, full of memorable examples and entertaining exercises. Its lively style is sure to captivate readers—from the humorously annotated examples, to the Fireside Chats, where the abstract class and interface butt heads in a heated argument! For anyone new to programming, there’s no better way to dive in.”

Joseph Albahari, C# Design Architect at Egton Medical Information Systems, the UK’s largest primary healthcare software supplier, co-author of C# 3.0 in a Nutshell

“[Head First C#] was an easy book to read and understand. I will recommend this book to any developer wanting to jump into the C# waters. I will recommend it to the advanced developer that wants to understand better what is happening with their code. [I will recommend it to developers who] want to find a better way to explain how C# works to their less-seasoned developer friends.”

Giuseppe Turitto, C# and ASP.NET developer for Cornwall Consulting Group

“Andrew and Jenny have crafted another stimulating Head First learning experience. Grab a pencil, a computer, and enjoy the ride as you engage your left brain, right brain, and funny bone.”

Bill Mietelski, software engineer

“Going through this Head First C# book was a great experience. I have not come across a book series which actually teaches you so well....This is a book I would definitely recommend to people wanting to learn C#”

Krishna Pala, MCP

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