Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement

Book description

Improve patient outcomes, lower costs, reduce fraud—all with healthcare analytics

Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement walks your healthcare organization from relying on generic reports and dashboards to developing powerful analytic applications that drive effective decision-making throughout your organization. Renowned healthcare analytics leader Trevor Strome reveals in this groundbreaking volume the true potential of analytics to harness the vast amounts of data being generated in order to improve the decision-making ability of healthcare managers and improvement teams.

  • Examines how technology has impacted healthcare delivery

  • Discusses the challenge facing healthcare organizations: to leverage advances in both clinical and information technology to improve quality and performance while containing costs

  • Explores the tools and techniques to analyze and extract value from healthcare data

  • Demonstrates how the clinical, business, and technology components of healthcare organizations (HCOs) must work together to leverage analytics

  • Other industries are already taking advantage of big data. Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement helps the healthcare industry make the most of the precious data already at its fingertips for long-overdue quality and performance improvement.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication
    5. Preface
      1. Book Overview
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Chapter 1: Toward Healthcare Improvement Using Analytics
      1. Healthcare Transformation—Challenges and Opportunities
      2. The Current State of Healthcare Costs and Quality
      3. Notes
    8. Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Healthcare Analytics
      1. How Analytics Can Improve Decision Making
      2. Analytics, Quality, and Performance
      3. Applications of Healthcare Analytics
      4. Components of Healthcare Analytics
      5. Notes
    9. Chapter 3: Developing an Analytics Strategy to Drive Change
      1. Purpose of an Analytics Strategy
      2. Analytics Strategy Framework, with a Focus on Quality/Performance Improvement
      3. Developing an Analytics Strategy
      4. Notes
    10. Chapter 4: Defining Healthcare Quality and Value
      1. What Is Quality?
      2. Overview of Healthcare QI
      3. Common QI Frameworks in Healthcare
      4. Working with QI Methodologies
      5. Notes
    11. Chapter 5: Data Quality and Governance
      1. The Need for Effective Data Management
      2. Data Quality
      3. Data Governance and Management
      4. Enterprise-wide Visibility and Opportunity
      5. Notes
    12. Chapter 6: Working with Data
      1. Data: The Raw Material of Analytics
      2. Preparing Data for Analytics
      3. Getting Started with Analyzing Data
      4. Summary
      5. Notes
    13. Chapter 7: Developing and Using Effective Indicators
      1. Measures, Metrics, and Indicators
      2. Using Indicators to Guide Healthcare Improvement Activities
      3. Notes
    14. Chapter 8: Leveraging Analytics in Quality Improvement Activities
      1. Moving from Analytics Insight to Healthcare Improvement
      2. Note
    15. Chapter 9: Basic Statistical Methods and Control Chart Principles
      1. Statistical Methods for Detecting Changes in Quality or Performance
      2. Graphical Methods for Detecting Changes in Quality or Performance
      3. Putting It Together
      4. Notes
    16. Chapter 10: Usability and Presentation of Information
      1. Presentation and Visualization of Information
      2. Dashboards for Quality and Performance Improvement
      3. Providing Accessibility to and Ensuring Usability of–Analytics Systems
      4. Notes
    17. Chapter 11: Advanced Analytics in Healthcare
      1. Overview of Advanced Analytics
      2. Applications of Advanced Analytics
      3. Developing and Testing Advanced Analytics
      4. Overview of Predictive Algorithms
      5. Notes
    18. Chapter 12: Becoming an Analytical Healthcare Organization
      1. Requirements to Become an Analytical Organization
      2. Building Effective Analytical Teams
      3. Summary
      4. Notes
    19. About the Author
    20. About the Companion Web Site
    21. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2013
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118519691