7.5 Field Oriented Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor with Current Control in the Synchronous Reference Frame

The current control can be exercised either for phase current control (Section 4) or current control in the synchronous reference frame. Current references are generated by the vector controller for phase current control, while voltage references are generated when current control in the synchronous reference frame is employed. The mathematical model of five-phase induction machine, obtained in the Section 2, is modified to incorporate the vector control using current control in the synchronous reference frame as follows.

Under the condition of rotor flux orientation, the stator flux is given by (the x-y component is not considered as it is supposed to be zero for the sinusoidal supply condition)

(7.60) equation

where img is the total leakage coefficient. Substituting equation (7.60) into the stator voltage equation (7.14) yields

(7.61) equation

(7.62) equation

As seen from equation (7.62), the two stator current components are not decoupled. Hence decoupling circuit needs to be introduced for true decoupled ...

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