Appendix 5The Whole SFX Catalogue

The Whole SFX Catalogue Pt.1 Published in August, 1989 (Vol I #6)

The Whole SFX Catalogue Pt.1

In the early days of film sound, the production mixer, who recorded sound on the set, ruled the show. He (I doubt there ever was a she) had tremendous influence on the staging of scenes: Actors had to play to the mikes the way the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey played to the monolith, and the camera and operator were locked in a sweatbox, lest they make noise. The mixer’s power extended to post-production, where the original recording was often the only track in the final mix. The ‘Thirties saw directors becoming more comfortable with post-production sound. Citizen Kane was notable in its use of sound to liberate ...

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