Chapter THREE. Partitioned Servers: Virtual Partitions

Chapter Syllabus

  • 3.1 An Introduction to Virtual Partitions

  • 3.2 Obtaining the Virtual Partitions Software

  • 3.3 Setting Up an Ignite-UX Server to Support Virtual Partitions

  • 3.4 Planning Your Virtual Partitions

  • 3.5 Creating the vPar Database

  • 3.6 Booting a Newly Created vPar from an Ignite-UX Server

  • 3.7 Managing Hardware within a Virtual Partition

  • 3.8 Rebooting vpmon

  • 3.9 Interfacing with the Virtual Partition Monitor: vpmon

  • 3.10 Changing Partition Attributes

  • 3.11 Resetting a Virtual Partition

  • 3.12 Removing a Virtual Partition

  • 3.13 Turning Off Virtual Partitioning Functionality

In Chapter 2, we introduced the idea of partitioning and discussed Node Partitions (nPars). If you are joining this discussion without ...

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