Chapter TWENTY EIGHT. Additional Cluster Solutions

Chapter Syllabus

  • 28.1 Extended Serviceguard Cluster

  • 28.2 Metrocluster

  • 28.3 Continentalclusters

  • 28.4 Additional Cluster Solutions

  • 28.5 Other Cluster Considerations

In this chapter, we look at some of the other cluster solutions available for HP-UX. These include clusters that span large distances. Large distances pose problems for IP networks as well as storage devices. Many of the solutions for IP networks are well known and understood, e.g., ATM, Frame Relay, and so on, but locating storage in distance data centers is something relatively new. In those situations, we enter the dark world of Fibre Channel. We discussed Fibre Channel as a networking technology in Chapter 23, “Other Network Technologies ...

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