Changing the Image Source Scale

Aside from using the viewport settings to scale an image when drawn to the canvas, we can also change the source height and width vales to display the image in a new scale. We will keep the view port height and width the same, but change the window height and window width values. When we make these greater than the size of the actual window, we will see more of the image in the 500×500 canvas, and the details will appear to be a little clearer. To scale an image, we need to change the final width and height values of the drawImage() function. Let’s examine how we would scale to 2x of the original size of the image while panning at the same time. The drawImage() function will look like this:

context.drawImage(photo, windowX, windowY, windowWidth*2, windowHeight*2, 
                  0, 0, viewPortWidth, viewPortHeight);

Example 4-13 modifies Example 4-12 and adds in the *2 to windowHeight and windowWidth for zooming out (2x zoom out) from the original image.

Example 4-13. Scale with source properties

var photo=new Image();
photo.addEventListener('load', eventPhotoLoaded , false);

var windowWidth=500;
var windowHeight=500;
var viewPortWidth=500;
var viewPortHeight=500;

var windowX=0;
var windowY=0;

function eventPhotoLoaded() {

function drawScreen(){
        context.drawImage(photo, windowX, windowY,windowWidth*2,windowHeight*2,

If you compare the output from Examples 4-12 and 4-13, you will notice that ...

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