Chapter 7. Geolocation Hacks

An exploration of the future of web technologies and browser capabilities would not be complete without covering the tools and techniques available to enable location awareness.

Location-aware web applications provide content, functionality, and services based on the cooperative detection of the user’s physical location. These applications can then provide the user with real-time filtering of online information relevant to his current location, such as place markers indicating the user’s location within a map, local consumer reviews, local coupons and offers, and even relevant traffic and public transportation notices.

These applications also enable users to provide their location to friends in a social network and vice versa, creating possibilities for meetups and blended online and physical interaction.

As you might imagine, the opportunities are not just limited to enhancing the life of the consumer. Given real-time location data of potential consumers and their friends, retailers can also create highly targeted, location-specific marketing campaigns for both digital and physical products.

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