IBM CSM to IBM Systems Director Transformation Guide

Book description

For many years, IBM® Cluster Systems Management (CSM) provided a single point of management for IBM Power Systems™ servers running the AIX® operating system. Now you can transform your environment to IBM Systems Director®, which provides CSM clients with the next generation of Cluster Systems Management for their Power Systems servers.

The target audience for this IBM Redbooks® publication includes technical professionals (IT consultants, technical support staff, IT Architects, and IT Specialists) responsible for planning and implementing the Cluster Systems Management software transformation from CSM to IBM Systems Director.

Table of contents

  1. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  2. Preface
    1. The team who wrote this book
    2. Now you can become a published author, too!
    3. Comments welcome
    4. Stay connected to IBM Redbooks
  3. Chapter 1: Abstract
    1. Introduction to CSM
    2. Introduction to IBM Systems Director
    3. Scope of this book
      1. What we cover
      2. What we do not cover
    4. Why transform from CSM to IBM Systems Director
  4. Chapter 2: Planning and preparation
    1. Comparison
    2. Terminology
      1. Components
      2. Manageable system types
      3. Base functions
      4. Mapping terminology
    3. Agent Manager considerations
    4. Product prerequisites
      1. Software
      2. Hardware and performance
    5. Licensing
      1. Licensing requirement for IBM Cluster Systems Management
      2. Licensing requirements for IBM Systems Director
    6. Extendibility
      1. Application programming interfaces
      2. IBM Systems Director Advanced Managers (Plug-ins)
      3. Command line
    7. Features not directly available in IBM Systems Director
      1. Configuration File Manager
      2. Cluster-Ready Hardware Server (CRHS)
      3. Managing node status information with csmstat
      4. High availability management server
    8. Features and functions not available in CSM
      1. LPAR lifecycle management
      2. Update Manager
    9. Database
      1. RSCT System Registry versus an actual DB product
    10. Transformation as a project and future impacts
      1. Transformation project
      2. BAU after transformation to IBM Systems Director
  5. Chapter 3: Transformation scenarios
    1. Overview of the scenarios
      1. What we do not cover
      2. What we cover
      3. Prerequisites
      4. Recommendations
      5. Considerations and time estimates
    2. Coexistence
      1. The cluster environment
      2. Cluster verification
      3. Transformation to IBM Systems Director (1/2)
      4. Transformation to IBM Systems Director (2/2)
      5. Testing the coexistence scenario
    3. Migration scenario
      1. Initial environment
      2. The target environment
      3. Preparation
      4. Effective migration
    4. Decommissioning CSM
  6. Chapter 4: Functional comparison
    1. Monitoring of resources
    2. Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC) versus IBM Systems Director Agent Services
      1. CSM using Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC)
      2. IBM Systems Director Common Agent and related resource managers
      3. Comparison between various system resource monitors’ output (1/2)
      4. Comparison between various system resource monitors’ output (2/2)
      5. Monitor migration considerations
    3. Hardware and software management
      1. Remote commands
      2. System firmware updates
    4. Security
      1. Authentication and Authorization when using CSM
      2. Authentication and authorization when using IBM Systems Director
      3. Security consideration when defining users and groups
      4. Roles
    5. OS deployment
      1. Comparison of installation services (1/3)
      2. Comparison of installation services (2/3)
      3. Comparison of installation services (3/3)
      4. Post-install customization
      5. Deployment in work
    6. Agents
      1. Daemons, filesets, and protocols
      2. Port conflicts - ITM?
  7. Chapter 5: Special topics
    1. SDMC
      1. Overview of SDMC
      2. Parallel management with the HMC and the SDMC
      3. High availability of SDMC
      4. Command Line for SDMC as compared to HMC
    2. High Performance Computing
    3. High availability IBM Systems Director management server
      1. Additional considerations
      2. Highly available IBM Systems Director management servers
      3. Redundant IBM System Director management server options
      4. Conclusion
    4. Backup and restore of the management server
      1. IBM Cluster Systems Management (CSM) backup and restore
      2. IBM Systems Director backup and restore
      3. smsave
      4. smrestore
  8. Appendix A: isdstat script
    1. isdstat script sample
  9. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Other publications
    3. Online resources
    4. Help from IBM
  10. Index
  11. Back cover

Product information

  • Title: IBM CSM to IBM Systems Director Transformation Guide
  • Author(s): Dino Quintero, Glen Corneau, Antonio Garcia, Vinicius Goncalves, Tejaswini Kaujalgi Athanikar, Piotr Mazur, Laszlo Niesz, Srinivasa Raghavan, Christian Schmidt, Gheorghe Tudor
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: None