Chapter 8. Using Themes to Enhance Your Movie

As fourteenth-century filmmaker Geoffrey Chaucer once said after a long session in the editing room, "The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." And it can take a long time to learn the craft of editing a movie.

That's where iMovie themes come in. Themes provide your movie with opening and closing titles, provide specially designed transitions, and give your work a coherent visual design.

In This Chapter

Understanding iMovie Themes

When you create a new project, you choose a theme for the project, as you saw in Chapter 5. To refresh your memory, Figure 8-1 shows you the New Project dialog again.

When we showed this dialog to you last time, we glossed over the most important part of it, at least as far as the amount of screen space it takes up: that group of six labeled squares in the center of the dialog that represent the available project themes.

As you can see in Figure 8-1, the default theme is no theme at all. If you have been playing around in iMovie as you've read through this book, that's the theme you've most likely been using. But just what is a theme?

The New Project dialog: You've seen it before.

Figure 8.1. The New Project dialog: You've seen it before.

A theme is a template for the look of ...

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