CHAPTER 16Leveraging and Governing Emerging Technologies

This chapter covers some key emerging and advanced information technologies that can be leveraged in information governance (IG) programs: data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data Analytics

Analytics are playing an increasing role in IG programs. File analytics software, also referred to as content analytics, is used to discover duplicates, ownership, content classifications, the age of unstructured information, when it was last accessed, and other characteristics. Predictive analytics are used to help search and classify e-documents during litigation. Security analytics are used to monitor and respond to cybersecurity attacks. Analytics are also used to find new value in information by combining various internal and often external data points. The use of analytics is key to the success of IG programs.

Big Data analytics has a lot of uses (real-time fraud detection, complex competitive analysis, call-center optimization, consumer sentiment analysis, intelligent traffic management, etc.). Big Data has three defining characteristics, the “three Vs” as Doug Laney of Gartner proposed: high volume, high velocity, and high variety of data. Analysis of the appropriately named Big Data can provide the kind of insight into relationships and business patterns that can improve a business’ bottom line.

There are several classes of analytics tools that can be applied to render ...

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