Part I Maximizing the Value of Data and Information Technology

1 A Look Toward the Future of Information Technology

Case #1, Opening Case: Need Start-up Cash? Try Crowdfunding at

1.1 IT and Management Opportunities and Challenges

1.2 Top Management Concerns and Influential ITs

1.3 IT Agility, Consumerization, and Competitive Advantage

1.4 Strategic Planning and Competitive Models

1.5 Why IT is Important to Your Career, and IT Careers

Case #2, Business Case: Building a Sustainable Big City with a Competitive Edge

Case #3, Video Case, Public Sector: ACCESS NYC—IT Strategy and Transformation

Data Analysis & Decision Making: Evaluating Cost-Savings from Switching to the Cloud

2 Information Management and IT Architecture

Case #1, Opening Case: Paul McCartney's Artistic Legacy (and its IT architecture)

2.1 Information Management in the 2010s

2.2 IT Architecture

2.3 Information Systems and IT Infrastructure

2.4 Cloud Computing and Services

2.5 Virtualization and VM (Virtual Machines)

Case #2, Business Case: Online Gamers' Statistics Stored in the Cloud

Case #3, Video Case: Three Cloud Computing Case Studies

Data Analysis & Decision Making: DSS to Control and Manage Gasoline Costs

3 Database, Data Warehouse, and Data Mining

Case #1, Opening Case: Zero-Downtime at BNP Paribas

3.1 Database Technology

3.2 Data Warehouse and Data Mart Technologies

3.3 Data and Text Mining

3.4 Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

3.5 Digital and Physical Document Management

Case ...

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