Chapter 24. Giving a Speech

Who me? Instantly?

Yes, you. Instantly enough. If you've just started the I.I. system, follow the relaxation and visualization techniques (Do 42). Google self-hypnosis public speaking instantly and get a single, simple CD on its way to you ASAP. Get the best deal. They all work. Don't skip a session. Use the F-O-C-U-S Principle (Do 59). And with it, visualize yourself as you're instructed on the CD.

Your incessant interviews and the mind-body exercises will work like nothing you've ever experienced in your life. Please stay with me on this and believe what I'm telling you. Try it. You'll be so proud of yourself for what you alone accomplished.

You Can Speak

If you can talk, you can give a speech. In fact, you've probably done it many times at parties, your kid's school career day, or at a local city council meeting. It's so easy once you get yourself out of the way. Besides, you're probably an expert at many things. Everyone is at something. Share what you know with a group.

Every group, from local service clubs to national associations, needs speakers for its meetings. They'll give you credentials you never even knew you had. You'll think they printed your photo on the wrong article. Instantly many, many interview leads too.

Listen to the next few speakers you see (few people do). Some are really not spectacular. Do they say "uh," "well," and "ya know"? CEOs do it!

Those who do listen are there to learn. I always measure my success in speaking by the content ...

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