Chapter 65. Getting Your Foot in the Store Door

Working retail—with its new items, bargains, and socializing—can be truly exciting!

But before you sit down at that store employment terminal . . .

Write These Keywords on a Piece of Paper and Put It in Your Right Back Pocket

communication skills
customer care
customer service
leadership role
leadership skills
led team
management development
management skills
motivational skills
retail management
service driven
service oriented
store management
team communication
team effort
team leadership
team management
team productivity
team results

Instant Interview the Store Manager

Go over to a checkstand, smile, and say, "Would you please page the general manager of the store?"

If the checker says, "What's it about?" say, "I need to ask him how to find something online." This stops any further questions cold, and you'll hear the page.

Then you might hear, "The GM's not in. I can get you the LOD" (leader on duty—it just makes you want to salute). You answer, "Great!" We don't care, since we're all about instant.

During that instant, go over to a vacant register, push the little button on the printer (love that button! Do 55), and tear off a strip about six inches long.

When the manager answers, look serious and say, "I need to speak to you privately for a minute." He'll follow you as you walk away from the checkstand.

Then you execute the Magic Four Hello (Do 1) with the store sentence: "I'm really interested in being a part of your team!"

He'll say, ...

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