Instant Wealth Wake Up Rich!: Discover The Secret of The New Entrepreneurial Mind

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How to build wealth with passion and purpose

The power to create great wealth is already within you. But monetizing that raw energy doesn't happen by itself. As Christopher Howard shows, building great wealth is a dual process. It begins by identifying your passion—the things you truly and deeply care about, whatever they may be. Next, passion needs to be endowed with purpose: a clearly defined vision of the future you intend to create.

Once this happens, money is simply the natural reward. When you bring the value of passion and purpose to the marketplace, financial prosperity is the instant result. It's like awakening to a new reality—not just for yourself, but for everyone who shares in your success. And make no mistake: sharing is a key element in the success of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and the other billionaire entrepreneurs Chris introduces in these pages. Instant Wealth—Wake up Rich! proves that ultimate success is by no means a matter of selling out principles in order to become rich. On the contrary, it's becoming rich in order to bring that riches to the world.

As a true entrepreneur himself, Christopher Howard has put these lessons to work in the creation of his own fast-growing international business. What's worked for him—and for so many other hugely successful entrepreneurs—can work for you too. All it takes is passion, purpose, and waking up to instant wealth.

Table of contents

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  4. 1. The Hidden Secret to Living a Life of Untold Riches and Wealth
    1. 1.1. How to Make All Your Dreams a Reality
    2. 1.2. The Only Thing Stopping You from Realizing All Your Dreams
    3. 1.3. How I Conquered My Own Fear (And Why You Can, Too)
    4. 1.4. Why Anybody—Including You—Can Be Rich
    5. 1.5. The New Entrepreneurial Mind: The Secret to Creating Anything You Want in Life
    6. 1.6. How Society Is Stopping You from Being Rich
    7. 1.7. Why You Haven't Realized All the Riches You Want in Life
    8. 1.8. 5 Little Known Ways Others Stop You from Having What You Want
      1. 1.8.1. Dreams versus Obligations
      2. 1.8.2. Spirituality versus Materialism
      3. 1.8.3. Passion versus Money
      4. 1.8.4. Social versus Money
      5. 1.8.5. Social versus Passion
    9. 1.9. Why You Are Dissatisfied with Your Life
    10. 1.10. 8 Steps to Creating All the Wealth You Deserve and Realizing All Your Dreams
    11. 1.11. The Most Important—Yet Least Known—Secret to Making All Your Dreams a Reality
    12. 1.12. Learn from the Best
  5. 2. The Unbreakable Rule Every Massively Rich Person Knows and the Rest of the World Doesn't
    1. 2.1. The One Common Money Secret of the Rich
    2. 2.2. How to Be Truly Unstoppable in Your Pursuit of Wealth
    3. 2.3. 7 Steps to Uncover Your Life's Purpose
    4. 2.4. The One Essential Ingredient to Fulfill Your Dreams
    5. 2.5. The Hidden Force that Influences All Your Decisions
      1. 2.5.1. What's Important to Me in the Context of My Life?
      2. 2.5.2. What Else Is Important to Me? Or What Could Be Important to Me?
    6. 2.6. What Must Happen Before You Can Have Riches
    7. 2.7. The #1 Reason Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work (and What to Do About It)
      1. 2.7.1.
        1. My Vision:
    8. 2.8. Some Cases in Point!
    9. 2.9. How I Transformed My Life from Over $70,000 in Debt to Earning Over $10,000 an Hour
    10. 2.10. How to Be Rich
  6. 3. How to Create Unstoppable Momentum to Grow Your Wealth Faster than Ever Before
    1. 3.1. How to Be Spiritual and Rich at the Same Time
    2. 3.2. A Radical Evolution of Thought that Can Grow Your Wealth Exponentially
    3. 3.3. How to Be Truly Fulfilled on Your Path to Riches
    4. 3.4. What the World's Wealthiest Individuals Know About Wealth You Don't
    5. 3.5. If You Want to Be Rich and Happy Follow this Idea
  7. 4. The Money Secret History's Richest People Use to Create Wealth that Lasts for Generations
    1. 4.1. The Almost Instant Way to Massively Increase Your Fortune
    2. 4.2. What Super-Affluent People Have in Common
    3. 4.3. How to Create Wealth Beyond Even Your Wildest Dreams
    4. 4.4. How to Bring Out the Millionaire or Even Billionaire Inside You
    5. 4.5. An Easy Way to Adopt the Mindset of the Most Successful and Wealthy People Who Ever Lived
    6. 4.6. The Most Common Mistake People Without Money Make
    7. 4.7. The Secret Andrew Carnegie Used to Create—A $300 Billion Empire in Today's Dollars
    8. 4.8. Why You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To
    9. 4.9. How to Turn Your Life Around, Get Rich, and Stay Rich for Life
    10. 4.10. The Secret to Creating Forward-Moving Momentum in Your Life
    11. 4.11. How to Move Toward Your Destiny in Only 10 Minutes
  8. 5. What 1,000 of the Richest People in the World Know About Success that You Don't
    1. 5.1. How Going Slower Can Make You Richer
    2. 5.2. Simplest Way to Make Your Success A Self-Fullfilling Prophecy
    3. 5.3. How to Adopt Unwavering Self-Confidence in Yourself
    4. 5.4. Let Go of Attachments
    5. 5.5. How to Win by Losing
    6. 5.6. This Simple Mind Tool Eliminates Stress from Your Life
  9. 6. How to End Financial Sabotage and Instantly Turn Your Life Around
    1. 6.1. How to Develop a "No Excuse" Attitude
    2. 6.2. Why the Rich Look Forward to Obstacles and How They Turn Them into Opportunities
    3. 6.3. What to Do If You Want to Turn Your Life Around Immediately
    4. 6.4. A Navy SEAL's Secret to Getting the Results You Want Now
    5. 6.5. Why It Takes Only 2 Minutes to Take Charge of Your Future—and How to Do It
    6. 6.6. What to Do If You Want to Be Rich and Don't Want to Work Too Hard
    7. 6.7. What Everybody Must Know—Including You—About Creating a Life of Untold Riches and Wealth
    8. 6.8. An Overlooked Money Idea Rich People Never Make a Priority
    9. 6.9. The 7-Day Process that Eliminates All Obstacles and Negatives From Your Past
  10. 7. The Unusual Wealth Secret that Works Faster than Anything Else You've Ever Been Told
    1. 7.1. The Only Investment Guaranteed to Make You Money
    2. 7.2. This Amazing Secret Will Shortcut Your Path to Wealth
    3. 7.3. The "Magic" Question that Compels Rich People to Be Your Mentor
    4. 7.4. How to Accelerate the Wealth You Create to a Fraction of the Time
    5. 7.5. How to Go from the Bottom of the Ladder Straight to the Top
    6. 7.6. The Best Place to Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills
    7. 7.7. How to Be a Financial Empire in Your Spare Time—Even If You Have a Full-Time Job
    8. 7.8. The Best Place to Get a Free Education in Real World Money Secrets
    9. 7.9. How to Guarantee Your Success
    10. 7.10. How to Be a Leader and Communicator Others Turn to for Inspiration
  11. 8. How to Never Again Fail: Best Way Ever Discovered to Come Out a Winner Every Time
    1. 8.1. How a Virtually Unknown Brazilian Created the Most Successful Franchise in Pay-Per-View History
    2. 8.2. How to Achieve Your Grandest Dreams
    3. 8.3. What Rich People Know About Wealth Everybody Else Does Not
    4. 8.4. The 10 Traits of 1,000 of the World's Wealthiest People
    5. 8.5. The Unvarnished Truth About What It Really Takes to Succeed
    6. 8.6. How Asking Yourself this Simple Question Gives You the Courage to Keep Moving Towards Your Dreams
    7. 8.7. What to Do If You're Scared of Failing
  12. 9. How to Overcome Your Fears and Get Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    1. 9.1. The Single Most Important Element that Affects Your Wealth and Success
    2. 9.2. What to Do When You're on the Verge of Giving Up
    3. 9.3. A Billionaire's Secret for Never Giving In
    4. 9.4. How to Make Charitable Work and Giving Back Grow Your Wealth
    5. 9.5. The Most Valuable Education You Will Ever Get in Life
    6. 9.6. Why It Only Takes 3 Steps to Becoming a World Class Performance
      1. 9.6.1. Three-Step Visualization for Performance Enhancement
  13. 10. The Missing Ingredient—Nobody Ever Taught You in School—On How to Build Your Own Fortune from Scratch
    1. 10.1. How You Tap into Your Inner Creativity and Use It to Make Yourself Rich
    2. 10.2. Richard Branson's Secret to Growing a Business on a Shoestring Budget
    3. 10.3. The Simple Secret to Turn Every Obstacle into an Opportunity
    4. 10.4. The Quickest, Easiest, and Best Way to Get a Never-Ending Supply of Creative Solutions to Your Problems
    5. 10.5. The Major Obstacle Stopping You from Realizing Your Dreams
    6. 10.6. What the Founder of Wants to Teach You About Building a Billion Dollar Company
    7. 10.7. How to Raise Funds for Your Business Idea
    8. 10.8. A Billionaire's Secret on How to Get Rich Starting from Scratch
    9. 10.9. Why You Can Turn Setbacks into Growth that Sustains You for Life
  14. 11. How to Train Money to Obey Your Every Command
    1. 11.1. How to Increase Your Wealth Without Working Longer Hours
    2. 11.2. How to Turn Your Ideas into Money
    3. 11.3. The Biggest Mistake Poor People Make that Keeps Them Stuck
    4. 11.4. An Unusual Way Warren Buffett Uses Small Change to Build His Wealth
    5. 11.5. The Real Reason Rich People Often Live Modestly
    6. 11.6. What May Be the Best Money Question You Can Ever Ask in Your Business
    7. 11.7. An Easy Way to Minimize Risk in Business
    8. 11.8. What You Must Do If You Want to Successfully Grow Your Business With Less Risk
    9. 11.9. How to Attain Financial Stability
    10. 11.10. How to Attain Financial Security
    11. 11.11. How to Attain Financial Freedom
    12. 11.12. How to Attain Financial Opulence
    13. 11.13. The Seven-Day Money Challenge that Brings Riches into Your Life
  15. 12. The Shocking Things Most People Believe and Do—that Keep Them Poor
    1. 12.1. The Biggest Reason Most People Are Not Wealthy
    2. 12.2. How to Feel Rich Now (Even If Your Bank Balance Is Low)
    3. 12.3. The Little Known Secret of Happiness Nobody Has Told You Before
    4. 12.4. How to Build Wealth and Have Fun at the Same Time
    5. 12.5. How to Love What You Do
    6. 12.6. The Closely Guarded Secret of the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs
    7. 12.7. An Unusual Way Rich People Have a Great Lifestyle and Build Wealth Simultaneously
    8. 12.8. How to Create Enormous Clarity About What You Want in Life and the Person You Want to Be
    9. 12.9. What High Performing Entrepreneurs Know About Success You Don't
  16. 13. The Mysterious (and Little Known) Law of Wealth Known Only by the World's Richest People—Now Revealed to You
    1. 13.1. Richard Branson's Secret to Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees
    2. 13.2. A Powerful Way to Inspire All of Your Team to Build Your Dream
    3. 13.3. How to Build a Championship Team
    4. 13.4. A Proven Way to Ensure You Hire the Right Employees
    5. 13.5. How to Be an Inspirational Leader Others Trust
    6. 13.6. Why You Must Never Use Money to Motivate You
    7. 13.7. How the Rich Use Intuition to Make the Best Business Decisions
  17. 14. The Greatest Money Making Secret in History
    1. 14.1. The Secret to Living in a State of Inspiration and Creativity
    2. 14.2. Living on Your Personal Edge
    3. 14.3. An Easy Way to Be Continually Motivated to Create Your Dreams
    4. 14.4. How to Use Your Greatest Strengths to Make Money
    5. 14.5. Why Your Greatest Opportunity Is Already Within You
    6. 14.6. How to Change the World
    7. 14.7. To Keep It, You Have to Give It Away
  18. Kicking Your Dreams into High Gear: the Next Step
    1. The Christopher Howard Companies
    2. Christopher Howard Training™
    3. Christopher Howard Seminars and Training Programs
      1. Christopher Howard Training's Academy of Wealth
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