Chapter 12. The Shocking Things Most People Believe and Do—that Keep Them Poor

You've now begun to master the financial aspects of building and growing your business. This is a key aspect of Instant Wealth. It's also something that many would-be entrepreneurs are afraid to look at closely. In the previous chapter, you took the first, all-important steps! Now we're going to take a wider view. We're going to see how you can set up your life for the long haul—and enjoy the journey all the way.

For so many people, having a career is a lifelong struggle. They make the creation of their dreams into old-fashioned work. But you can't go the distance if you're struggling that way. People who try are stressed and eventually overwhelmed. Moreover, a life of struggling won't help you bring the exciting opportunities and positive people into your life. In fact, the opposite is true: struggling repels people, resources, and opportunities.

But when you're living in that zone where you're really enjoying the journey, in a positive state of mind, and playfully and joyfully going out and creating your success, then you will find yourself attracting people, resources, and opportunities, just like a magnet attracts iron filings.

The ability to channel energy consistently in a certain direction requires the passion that I've described throughout this book. If you have a grander purpose to your life, if you're thinking about your legacy, and if you are aligned with your passion, you will be more motivated ...

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