Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days

Book description

Discover how to build your own Intelligent Internet of Things projects and bring a new degree of interconnectivity to your world.

About This Book

  • Build intelligent and unusual IoT projects in just 7 days,
  • Create home automation, smart home, and robotic projects and allow your devices to do smart work
  • Build IoT skills through enticing projects and leverage revolutionary computing hardware through the RPi and Arduino.

Who This Book Is For

If you're a developer, IoT enthusiast, or just someone curious about Internet of Things, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of electronic hardware, networking, and basic programming skills would do wonders.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to get started with intelligent IoT projects
  • Explore various pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to make IoT projects smarter.
  • Make decisions on which devices to use based on the kind of project to build.
  • Create a simple machine learning application and implement decision system concepts
  • Build a smart parking system using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Learn how to work with Amazon Echo and to build your own smart speaker machine
  • Build multi-robot cooperation using swarm intelligence.

In Detail

Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 days is about creating smart IoT projects in just 7 days. This book will help you to overcome the challenge of analyzing data from physical devices.

This book aims to help you put together some of the most exciting IoT projects in a short span of time. You'll be able to use these in achieving or automating everyday tasks—one project per day.

We will start with a simple smart gardening system and move on to a smart parking system, and then we will make our own vending machine, a smart digital advertising dashboard, a smart speaker machine, an autonomous fire fighter robot, and finally look at a multi-robot cooperation using swarm intelligence

Style and approach

A clear step-by-step instruction guide to completing fully-fledged projects in just 7 days

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. What this book covers
    2. What you need for this book
    3. Who this book is for
    4. Conventions
    5. Reader feedback
    6. Customer support
      1. Downloading the example code
      2. Downloading the color images of this book
      3. Errata
      4. Piracy
      5. Questions
  2. A Simple Smart Gardening System
    1. Introducing smart gardening system
    2. Exploring gardening system platforms
      1. Open Garden shield for Arduino
      2. Grove Smart Plant Care kit for Arduino
      3. EcoDuino
    3. Sensor devices for a smart gardening system
      1. Soil moisture sensor
      2. Temperature and humidity sensor
    4. Watering your garden and farm
    5. Building a smart gardening system
      1. Introducing the PID controller
      2. Implementing a PID controller in Python
      3. How it works
      4. Sending data from the Arduino to the server
      5. Controlling soil moisture using a PID controller
      6. How it works
    6. Summary
  3. A Smart Parking System
    1. Introducing smart parking systems
    2. Sensor devices for a smart parking system
      1. Ultrasonic sensor - HC-SR04
      2. PIR motion sensor
      3. Hall Effect sensor
      4. Camera
    3. Vehicle entry/exit detection
    4. Vehicle plate number detection
      1. Installing OpenALPR
      2. Testing vehicle plate number detection
    5. Vacant parking space detection
    6. A parking management system
    7. Building a smart parking system
    8. Summary
  4. Making Your Own Vending Machine
    1. Introducing vending machines
    2. Designing a vending machine
    3. Central control machine
    4. Detecting coins for payments
      1. Detecting coin weight
      2. Detecting coins using optical sensing
    5. Building UI and UX for user interaction
      1. Display interfacing
      2. Input interfacing
    6. Designing a database model
    7. Building the vending machine
    8. Summary
  5. A Smart Digital Advertising Dashboard
    1. Introducing smart digital advertising dashboards
    2. Exploring digital signage platforms
      1. 1Play
      2. Screenly
      3. Xibo
      4. Concerto
    3. Designing a smart digital advertising system
    4. Detecting human presence
      1. PIR motion sensor
      2. Ultrasonic sensor - HC-SR04
      3. Thermal sensor
      4. Optical sensor
    5. Displaying and delivering ad content
      1. Flask
      2. Pyramid
      3. Django
    6. Building a smart digital advertising dashboard
    7. Summary
  6. A Smart Speaker Machine
    1. Introducing smart speaker machines
    2. Exploring existing smart speaker machines
      1. Amazon Echo
      2. Google Home
      3. Ivee
      4. Triby
    3. Introducing ReSpeaker
      1. How it works
    4. Integrating your IoT boards with ReSpeaker
    5. GPIO programming on ReSpeaker
    6. Connecting to the Microsoft Bing Speech API
    7. Building your own smart speaker machine
    8. Summary
  7. Autonomous Firefighter Robot
    1. Introducing autonomous firefighter robots
    2. Exploring robot platforms
      1. Zumo robot for Arduino
      2. MiniQ Discovery Arduino robot kit
      3. Turtle kit - a 2WD DIY Arduino robotics kit for beginners
      4. GoPiGo robot
    3. Detecting a fire source
      1. Grove - flame sensor
      2. SainSmart flame detection sensor module
      3. Demo - fire detection
    4. Basic remote robot navigation
    5. Detecting obstacles
      1. How it works
    6. Designing an autonomous robot
    7. Building an autonomous firefighter robot
    8. Summary
  8. Multi-Robot Cooperation Using Swarm Intelligence
    1. Introducing multi-robot cooperation
    2. Learning about swarm intelligence
    3. Implementing mesh network for multi-robot cooperation
      1. XBee modules
      2. Configuring XBee modules
      3. Demo - data communication using XBee
      4. How it works
    4. XBee development for Arduino
      1. Configuring the XBee module
      2. Writing the sketch program
      3. Testing
      4. Working with the XBee library for Arduino
    5. Designing a multi-robot cooperation model using swarm intelligence
      1. Defining objectives
      2. Selecting a robot platform
      3. Selecting the algorithm for swarm intelligence
    6. Summary
  9. Essential Hardware Components

Product information

  • Title: Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days
  • Author(s): Agus Kurniawan
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781787286429