Note to the reader: Throughout this index boldfaced page numbers indicate primary discussions of a topic. Italicized page numbers indicate illustrations.


¼ view, 6

1K Academy, 18

2D blur, 515

2D graphics software, 2

2D texture nodes, 306

2K Academy, 3, 18

3D, 2

3D animation. See computer graphics (CG)

3D blur, 515

3D space, 3, 1920

3D text, for flying logo, 395

3D textures, 310

4K Academy, 18

8-bit image file, 14

16-bit image file, 14

24-bit color display, 14

32-bit image file, 14


Academy Standard aspect ratio, 18


animation curve for, 370

for bouncing ball, 372

Accuracy attribute

for Final Gathering, 556

for indirect lighting, 536

active rigid body, creating, 568

acts, 23

Adaptive for Tessellation Method option, 220

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